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Raft Wars

Raft Wars

Raft Wars is a popular online flash game developed by Martijn Kunst and published by Bubblebox. The game features a unique combination of strategy and action gameplay,...


To find articles and more information about Raft Wars, you can perform an online search using relevant keywords, visit gaming websites that specialize in flash or browser-based games, or check out forums where players discuss their experiences with the game. Keep in mind that since "Raft Wars" is an older game, coverage and articles may be limited compared to newer titles.


  • Game Overview: An introduction to "Raft Wars," explaining the basic premise and gameplay mechanics.
  • Characters and Story: Information about the main characters, such as Simon and his brother, and the storyline of the game.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: In-depth coverage of the gameplay mechanics, including aiming, shooting, and strategic elements.
  • Levels and Challenges: Details about the different levels and challenges players face in the game, including the variety of enemies and obstacles.
  • Upgrades and Power-Ups: Articles might discuss the upgrades and power-ups available to players as they progress, allowing for more effective treasure defense.
  • Tips and Strategies: Guides and tips on how to excel at "Raft Wars," including advice on aiming, timing shots, and dealing with various enemy types.
  • Game Development: Insights into the development process of "Raft Wars," including the developer's inspiration and design choices.
  • Sequels and Spin-offs: If there are any sequels or spin-off games related to "Raft Wars," articles might cover these and their new features.
  • Community and Fanbase: A look at the community of players who enjoy "Raft Wars," including fan art, fan-made content, and discussions on forums.

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