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Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy, a mobile game developed by Playgendary Limited, provides a creative and cathartic solution, allowing players to indulge in a world of virtual mayhem and blow...



Released in 2017, Kick the Buddy quickly gained popularity for its unique concept that resonates with individuals seeking a lighthearted and unconventional approach to stress relief. The game allows players to create a customizable character named Buddy, who serves as a virtual stress ball, absorbing all the frustrations and tensions of the day.

How to play Kick the Buddy game

At its core, Kick the Buddy is a sandbox-style game that offers a wide range of interactive elements to help players alleviate stress. The objective is simple: let loose and unleash your imagination on Buddy, subjecting him to an array of comedic and exaggerated punishments. Players can choose from an assortment of tools, weapons, explosives, and more, all designed to help them vent their frustrations and have a good laugh in the process.

From traditional methods like punching, kicking, and slapping to more unconventional means like firing rockets, launching grenades, and even summoning a tornado, the game provides a plethora of ways to creatively wreak havoc on Buddy. The diverse selection of tools and the sheer absurdity of the interactions contribute to the game's addictive and cathartic appeal.


Kick the Buddy is more than just a mobile game; it's a playful and inventive outlet for stress relief that taps into the cathartic joy of controlled chaos. With its diverse selection of tools, interactive elements, and hilarious animations, the game transforms tension into laughter and provides a welcome escape from the demands of daily life.


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