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KinitoPET, this unique game offers a delightful experience, combining care and companionship.



Who is Kinito?

Kinito is the main character in KinitoPET, a virtual assistant that seems super cute and can do lots of cool things with advanced AI. He can walk, talk, browse the internet, and play games – what's not to like?

What is KinitoPET?

KinitoPET is a game made by someone named troy_en. It's not your typical virtual pet game because it mixes in some psychological horror. It starts off innocent, but as you play, Kinito starts acting strange and things get a bit creepy.

How to Play KinitoPET?


You start by hatching Kinito from a virtual egg and taking care of him with different activities. As he grows, the game gets a bit unsettling with glitches, weird messages, and strange behavior. Explore the game world, complete quests, and find out the truth about KinitoPET, all while making sure you and your virtual self stay safe.

Start with an Egg: Begin with adopting a virtual egg that hatches into Kinito.

Nurture Kinito: Take care of Kinito by feeding, playing, and cleaning.

Explore the World: Discover secrets and hidden areas by interacting with the environment.

Unravel the Mystery: While playing, Kinito's behavior gets weird, leading to a dark and kind of creepy revelation.



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