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Clustertruck is a high-octane, parkour-inspired indie game developed by Landfall Games that places you in the shoes of a daredevil, challenging you to make your way to the finish line...

Clustertruck takes the traditional platformer genre and cranks it up to 11 by introducing a dynamic and unpredictable element – a convoy of semi-trucks hurtling down a chaotic highway. Your mission is to jump, sprint, and parkour your way across these moving trucks to reach the finish line. But beware, the path ahead is filled with all sorts of hazards, including collapsing bridges, swinging hammers, and even laser beams!


The game's levels are a masterclass in creative chaos. From giant mallets smashing down in rhythmic patterns to trucks swaying wildly as they navigate treacherous terrain, "Clustertruck" keeps players on their toes with an ever-increasing level of insanity. Each level presents new challenges and unexpected twists, forcing you to adapt and improvise your way to victory.

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