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3 Kings

In the world of party games, 3 Kings stands out as a thrilling and engaging option that can elevate any gathering. Also known as King's Cup or Kings, this game combines...



What is 3 Kings?

3 Kings is a popular card game typically played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The game is centered around drawing cards and performing actions based on the card drawn, often involving drinking. It's a great way to break the ice and get everyone involved, from close friends to new acquaintances. The game is versatile and can be adapted with different house rules or variations to fit the mood of your party.

The Objective

The main goal of 3 Kings is to avoid breaking the circle of cards around the King's Cup and to have fun while participating in various challenges and actions dictated by the cards. The game continues until all the cards have been drawn or the King’s Cup is filled and consumed.

How to Set Up 3 Kings

Setting up 3 Kings is simple and requires minimal equipment:

  1. A standard deck of 52 cards: Shuffle the deck thoroughly before starting.
  2. A large cup (the King’s Cup): Place this in the center of the table.
  3. Beverages: Each player should have their own drink. The King’s Cup will be filled gradually during the game.

Arrange the cards face down in a circle around the King’s Cup. Players sit around the table, and the game is ready to begin.

The Rules of 3 Kings

Each card in 3 Kings has a specific rule or action associated with it. Below are the traditional rules for each card:

  • Ace: Waterfall - Everyone starts drinking at the same time. The player who drew the card can stop drinking whenever they want, but each player can only stop drinking once the person to their right has stopped.
  • 2: You - The player who drew the card chooses someone else to drink.
  • 3: Me - The player who drew the card takes a drink.
  • 4: Floor - All players must touch the floor as quickly as possible. The last person to do so drinks.
  • 5: Guys - All male players drink.
  • 6: Chicks - All female players drink.
  • 7: Heaven - All players raise their hands. The last person to do so drinks.
  • 8: Mate - The player who drew the card chooses a "mate" who must drink whenever they drink for the rest of the game.
  • 9: Rhyme - The player who drew the card says a word, and the next player must say a word that rhymes with it. This continues around the table until someone can't think of a rhyme, and they must drink.
  • 10: Categories - The player who drew the card chooses a category, and each player must name something that fits into that category. The first person who can't think of something drinks.
  • Jack: Make a Rule - The player who drew the card creates a new rule that must be followed for the rest of the game. Anyone who breaks the rule drinks.
  • Queen: Question Master - The player who drew the card becomes the Question Master. Whenever they ask a question, others must respond with another question. Anyone who fails to respond with a question must drink.
  • King: King’s Cup - The first three players to draw a King pour a portion of their drink into the King’s Cup. The fourth player to draw a King must drink the entire cup.


3 Kings is more than just a game; it's a fantastic way to bring people together and create memorable moments. Its simple setup and flexible rules make it an ideal choice for any party. Whether you're sticking to the traditional rules or adding your own unique twists, 3 Kings promises laughter, excitement, and a good time for all.

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