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Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook, created by Madbox, is a brilliant illustration of how a simple notion can result in hours of entertaining entertainment. Players are invited to use a stickman's long...

Stickman Hook is all about swinging, and it takes just a few taps to get into the action. Players control a stickman character equipped with a stretchy arm. By tapping and holding the screen, you can make your stickman shoot out a rope-like arm that attaches to various anchor points in the game's colorful and obstacle-filled levels.

The key to success in Stickman Hook is timing and precision. As your stickman swings, you need to release the rope at just the right moment to propel them forward or upward. It's a simple concept, but it quickly becomes a thrilling challenge as you encounter increasingly complex levels.

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