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Jelly Truck

Jelly Truck

In the realm of quirky and unconventional video games, Jelly Truck stands out as a delightful and entertaining title that takes players on a unique journey.


At first glance, Jelly Truck introduces players to a world where vehicles are not made of metal and rubber but instead wobble and jiggle like jelly. You take on the role of a jelly truck driver, tasked with transporting cargo across a series of increasingly challenging and unconventional landscapes.


The gameplay in Jelly Truck is simple yet addictive. Players use basic controls to accelerate, decelerate, and tilt their jelly truck. The primary goal is to reach the finish line while keeping the cargo intact. The catch? The jelly truck's squishy nature makes it wobbly and unpredictable, which can lead to hilarious and unexpected outcomes.

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